to be sued or not to be sued

The more I thought about the freedom of the Internet, the more I found myself terrified of that holes in the system. What do I mean? The rules are so hazy when it comes to reporting through online media that it’s almost scarier. How are we truly supposed to know if we go too far? How is someone not formally trained as a journalist supposed to know? What do we do if we report on a free blog, but then are being sued for millions of dollars?

It’s scary. Very scary. So I got to reading. I read a specific case that interested me about a blogger named Chris Moody. Blogging is particularly interesting because anyone can simply sign up for an account and start writing. In my last post, I mentioned FFIA and how people can be considered a journalist without actually being one. Chris Moody gives great advice and insight to the problem with his own, personal experience. He goes in depth about how he actually researched his multi-million dollar case. He even says that he found there have been 19 million cases of people that have been sued over negative reviews.

When thinking about blogging, and even social media, there are a few steps to avoid getting into a rock and a hard place. The most important and the simplest way of facing the situation is to really think about the context of what is being published. The context is what’s most important. You can approach a story from multiple angles, but you must be careful the way you produce the information.

There are thin lines between what is acceptable and what can be taken the wrong way. What’s important to acknowledge is that it’s real. You must responsibly report and review your material as to not step on anyone’s toes. If you don’t, well, say goodbye to your career and your financial stability.

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