Well it’s time to wrap of our Monday-to-Monday 5k. This may have been the longest 5k I’ve ever completed. I think it could maybe get a “worst record time” award, finishing at about 8 days long. (Also, let’s be honest- I’ve never done a 5k.)


The peak of the 7-day 5k.

This stretch has definitely had its up’s and down’s. If I’ve learned anything, it’s the information is ever-flowing. There are endless amounts of information that I can read, combine and present to more readers interested in similar topics. As a journalist, the topic of my blog is very important. Everyone in the industry should be aware of the changes and evolution of the print industry. I, at least, consider it the backbone of journalism. From there, visual and broadcast stems from there, but without the writing of news, there would be nothing else.

The biggest problem that I encountered was timing. I am very busy with my last semester of classes, two jobs, an internship and extracurricular hobbies that take up part of my day. Some days I wrote posts that I felt could be extremely more in-depth, better researched and better presented if I had more time or gave myself more time. That is something I want to work on in the future.

I also would love to apply the tips I have read for our last “Read and Respond” activity. I’m interested in the amount of readers I could gain through microblogging and factors like the time of day that I post. I also want to work on commenting on more blogs and learning through discussion with those who write about similar topics.

Overall, I was surprised at how smooth the week went, but I definitely think I could have performed better if I had more time to dedicate. I think next time I will find a better way to fit well-constructed posts in regardless of my other obligations.