China blocks a news website, yet again

As a writer and a journalist, the future of print is intimidating. After gaining so much awareness to the future of the industry, I have gained a sense of peace. I know that I can still be a writer regardless of the physical print industry. Most news sources or magazines have moved to the internet in addition to their print copies. The internet is only growing, and its users are also growing as well as becoming more efficient. The internet also allows anyone to become a journalist. It opens all kind of doors with the freedoms to express and write what they feel. What happens when countries disagree with this? What happens when an entire country bans a news site?

Yesterday I was surprised to learn how this has happened many times in the past and is actually not that uncommon. Just the other day, China banned The Wall Street Journal. China. The country of China. The world’s most populous country with a population of roughly 1.354 billion people. That has to affect the number of readers just a little bit.

Are these content risks really worth taking if it potentially can destroy the print industry? Should it be the concern of the journalists and employees of a certain media? I’m curious as to what you think.