Google Glass on your doctor’s face

Well, I’ve shared my opinions about the much-talked about Google Glass, but I’m starting to see the other side. Though I find it to be a bit pointless at this stage in the development for journalists, I did stumble on some interesting reads regarding the medical profession.

Some good points are made in this video that completely shook what I had formerly believed. Medical technology is so important and so, so advanced. This will only make hospitals or other offices more efficient and better managed.

Moreover, of course there are cons to the technology. The glasses themselves can cause discomfort and are limited in basic settings like brightness or colors. In my opinion, these flaws can easily be tolerated and do not stray away from the benefits of the product.

Regardless, I’m still having a hard time seeing the point for it for a journalism perspective. I just thought this bit of information in the medical world on Google Glass was very intriguing, especially when I wasn’t behind it at first.