Responsive Web App Design

For some people who value the tradition of journalism, the idea of the internet taking over the classic media layout is a bit, well, sad. The classic layout of a newspaper allows the readers to sit and enjoy all the news stories instead of just clicking on which headline they want to read.

The New York Times has recently developed the Responsive Web App design for their paper, that is supposed to allow everyone to read the class layout on any device. Unfortunately, the NYT kinda missed the point of Responsive Web design… It actually doesn’t work on multiple devices.

Regardless of this problem, the new innovations allow the viewers to be exposed to new ways to view content. This further made me realize that the media is developing day by day and not just every so often. There is consistent competition and growing never really stops when it comes to the internet. I’m curious to see where it goes by this time next year, and where I’ll be to witness it or participate in furthering its development.

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