Miley Cyrus Skateboarding

Happy day after Halloween and happy November 1st. My favorite holiday was yesterday, but the weekend still welcomes costumes for those who still want to celebrate.

Recently in my journalism class we were discussing SEO, Search Engine Optimization, headlines and their tactic uses. SEO headlines draw people in by using the most commonly searched terms to get more hits when the content is being searched. One of the most famous examples is the classic, “What time is the Super Bowl?”. We had a lesson in class to use an SEO based headline on Twitter vs. a normal headline or the title of our actual blog post. I stumbled onto a great example while I was using my personal time on my Facebook. I came across a YouTube video titled “Miley Cyrus Skateboarding”. You know what I did? I clicked it. I wanted to see Miley Cyrus skateboarding. Guess what? It wasn’t Miley Cyrus skateboarding. In fact, it was a guy dressed as Miley Cyrus for halloween skateboarding with about 20 other people dressed up in various costumes. He was featured in the film the same amount of time as everyone else. I was curious as how this affected their views. The video was uploaded one day ago and is now up to 263,996 views. There are no other videos that come close to this many views except for one other. What is its title you ask? “Lil Wayne Skateboarding”.

And on that note, I give you Miley skateboarding. (S)he’s really good.

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