the rise of social media in 2014

After focusing heavily on social media in my classes, I’m also noticing how much I personally rely on it. It’s not something I do just for fun, but more so something I rely on for networking and keeping up with what’s currently happening in the world while I’m busy.

It’s important. There’s no denying that anymore. It used to be seen as a waste of time and a call for attention: taking profile pictures, talking about yourself, etc. Now, it only makes sense. If you don’t have one or a few social media sites, honestly, you probably won’t be as successful.

As 2014 is approaching, it has me wondering what kind of changes are going to be made to social media. To be successful, one has to think ahead and be able to appropriately predict what is going to happen. For people looking into making a career out of marketing and social media, this is very, very important.

Just as the print media is changing, technology is always evolving. We have to think more creatively as well as use the products in more creative ways. Trends can be seen from the data, and 2014 is sure to show some significant changes involving new social media outlets, and even old. It’s interesting to think about evolving the media. “How can facebook become more successful?” and other questions come to mind for me.


What do you personally think the changes will be? 

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