advertising refresh

As I’ve talked about before, advertising is crucial in the journalism and media field. Advertising is shifting while journalism continues to evolve, but journalism and advertising go hand-in-hand. Simply, one can’t move forward without the others support. Journalism is evolving its mediums and accommodating to the current trend of the media: the internet. Advertising knows where it’s supposed to be, but advertisers don’t always know how to exactly do that. That’s why research is going into the most effective way to advertise in our current stance.

In a world where journalists are no longer gatekeepers, advertisers are not either.

In fact, some of the most affected ads by the decline of print media are business to business ads. These  ads have been on a steady decline, even just between 2012 and 2013.



This chart simply shows the consistency with the decline. It also shows how steady the decline is in regards to the whole year. This gives me the assumption that it can be easily predicted what 2014 will be like.

In short, advertising is crucial, but it also needs to recognize that print media ads are not the best bang for their buck. So advertisers, maybe think about joining us journalists in cyber-world a little more than putting all your ad-eggs in your one-magazine-basket.


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