Paint Yourself on a Billboard: How to advertise yourself

In my current and final journalism class of my undergraduate career, we focus heavily on blogging and the uses of social media. I also had a social media and marketing internship this past summer, and I feel like I’ve just begun to get the hang of the social media world. 

Through both the class and the internship, I learned how to market the business I was working for as well as myself. I’ve learned how to increase my readers and bring more attention to a business or organization. As I’m approaching graduation, I’m beginning to realize the difficulty the the job market and my ideal career goals. I’m used to applying to different restaurants or coffee shops and being content when I have any amount of income on the side of my education. 

So how can I market myself? Yesterday I decided to read about the benefits of using social media. I wanted to focus on getting the attention off of using it for an organization or using it to promote a blog. Though its all connected, I wanted to know how to market myself, my words, my personality and my strengths (and weaknesses) to potential employers. 

It turns out, social media is a tool in more ways than I expected. Social media not only links us to more people like us or in our situation, but it links us directly to the job market. It can link us directly to an employer. In fact, in some cases, it may link an employer directly to us. We are human, and we have different ways of thinking, interpreting and writing. We are not things, we are individuals. It’s what sets us apart that makes us desirable in any kind of relationship- even in the workplace. So, in order to establish ourselves, we must be ourselves. Who knew we could get a job for being ourselves? Of course this could deter employers away from someone. 

While reading about this topic, it simply just made sense. The trick is to apparently be professional and be a free thinker. Simple enough, right? Maybe. I haven’t exactly tried all of this yet, but I suspect it’s all about balance. A mix of genuine personality, voice, professionalism and proof of expertise is sure to attract an employer. All of these things plus a good use of social media and marketing, and you’re bound to be at least recognized. I’m anxious to try this and to communicate more over social media sites with amateur journalists in similar situations. 

Social media can also help predict the path of your potential career. One can follow other journalists that are in a line of work that’s desired. What better way to get a taste of the career than to observe something going through it and to see how that obtained the job. It’s all a support system. There’s actually a great Twitter that’s used to bring journalists, bloggers and more together to discuss certain topics in the industry one night a week. 

So what did I learn? I learned to not stress to apply to every job and to constantly tweak my resume. Instead, I’m going to use that time and energy to develop my online presence within my blog and also my social media outlets. What do you suggest to do to market yourself?