blog roll-call

The internet has made sharing ideas easier and more efficient. As a journalist, reading others’ ideas, opinions and experiences in the field are beneficial and eye-opening. Here are some I’ve found that prove to be beneficial for anyone in a similar situation.

  • (Re)structuring Journalism is a blog focusing on rethinking journalism and the business of journalism. The blog brings attention to the fact that readers are changing and, as journalists, we need to be mindful and change with them.
  • Columbia Journalism Review was founded in 1961 and continues to report on the evolution of the media business. While the blog is full of content I’d like to read for pleasure, it maintains a focus of where journalism is flourishing and what the future holds.
  • Cyber Journalist focuses on innovation in journalism and digital technology that contribute to the future of journalism. It elaborates on the transformation of the media.
  • Vadim Lavrusik is the Digital Media Futurist who focuses on social media. With experience as a Program Manager for Facebook and a teacher of social media at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, he is very knowledgeable of the area. As I continue to work on my blog, I also need to learn how to effectively promote my blog through social media.
  • Eat Sleep Publish hones in on the print industry, what my blog centers around, and what the future exactly has in store for the “print” industry. Blogger, Jason Preston, interviews professionals, and he researches strategies the print industry has taken to stay afloat.
  • Marsha Ducey is JournaJunkie, who has been a print journalist for years, but is now experimenting with the world of online journalism. Relating to this woman and seeing how she has adapted to the online world as a writer is key to include in my blog.
  • Journalistics is a blog elaborating on “how-to’s” as a journalist. It expands on public relations and marketing as a journalist, something well worth my time as a blogger and journalist.
  • Writer, journalist, editor and assistant professor Nicole Kraft’s personal blog called the Kraft of Writing gives advice to those who are also writers. As a passionate writer, Kraft’s blog gives ideas that are respectable for any aspiring writer.
  • Online Journalism Blog covers a wide variety of journalism news and goes into an analysis of the stories covered. It is a blog centered around the future of each side of journalism with specific stories.
  • Publishing 2.0 focuses solely on how technology is transforming all parts of media. Though my blog focuses on print media, this blog covers print as well as others. It is important to understand the future of media as a whole in order to specialize in one area.

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