hello world

my name is Natalie Snyder, and I am here to spread my words for your eyes to see if they find a reason to stay awhile. I’m a Print Journalism student at P.I. Reed School of Journalism at West Virginia University who is creeping closer to graduation and stepping out into the “real” world.

As an aspiring journalist, the future looks, well, not necessarily so “bright”. In fact, it’s more of an intimidating, foggy road. Personally, I’m not afraid to travel down the road, but I am full of uncertainty and a little hope. I have worked in various sides of journalism- photography, video, marketing, advertising, documentary and print. I truly love all sides of it, but my love keeps circling back to writing and the print media. (This is where the curveball comes in. )


I’m currently an intern in the Media Department for the Adventure WV program. Seneca Rocks, W. Va. Photo by Matthew Shreve.

Being a waitress in ones college town is sure to begin with the inevitable and haunting question, “What are you in school for?” I’m very happy with my decision in school. In fact, I can’t imagine actually committing myself to any other field. This just feels right. So, I answer in a proud tone, “Print Journalism.” Sure, the word print is maybe a little out of date and gives the assumption I’m talking strictly about newspapers, but I’m not. Print not only means the old fashioned printing press, but the whole world of writing in journalism. Newspapers and all printed material are struggling in this generation. People don’t read the newspaper at the coffee shop like they used to, but hell, how can we expect people to be living in a time warp? Things change, we advance and we depress, but rarely do things stay exactly the same. As humans, we’re built to adapt and evolve. We wouldn’t move from Florida to the North Pole and continue to wear our swimsuits and flip flops.

So here I am: not being bitter that the field I decided to dedicate myself to is changing every day. Instead, I’m embracing it and  planning on learning to adapt to it.  I will use this blog as a way to research and write about the impact internet reporting has on the future of the physical print industry. The near future may not include black and white newspapers, but the laptops, tablets and smartphones hold every type of news anyone wishes at his or her fingertips.


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